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What are the peculiarities of cricket betting?

In the summer, when there is a pause in football competitions, which especially attract gambling fans, it is time to pay attention to cricket.
It may seem strange to many to watch long-term or even multi-day matches, where there is no entertainment and high dynamics, but for professional players this is not the main thing, because live stakes are often used by bettors in a leisurely search for profitable bets, therefore, for such tasks do not spare time for partial / full viewing of the competition.
Cricket sensations happen regularly. Outsider odds are understated, so use an even team gambling strategy.
The discipline is not popular in the USA and Japan, where professional bettors dominate. As a rule, stakes are made by amateurs who do not consider gambling as a way to earn money, which leads to line loads.

What are the cricket betting options?

  • There are several variants:
  • Win
  • Win of the tournament
  • Total (wides, run-outs, and runs)
  • Side bets

The chances of finding the so-called value stakes here are quite high, because often only amateurs bet on the ancient English game, who are often guided not by cold calculation, but by sympathy for their favorite teams, gambling on them, even if they are obvious outsiders of the tournament. Thus, the bookmaker’s line is adjusted, and “tasty” stakes appear periodically. In general, the margin of this sport for stakes on winning international events is small (~ 4-5%), so the odds are very attractive.

Does cricket have disadvantages?

  1. Little fame. Due to its specificity, it has many nuances in the rules, it is quite difficult to understand and a slow sport, which also negatively affects its popularity.
  2. Long matches. The duration of matches is very long (from several hours to several days) and depends on the level of the game, which can be divided into two main types: test cricket and limited overs cricket.
  3. Few video broadcasts. It is generally possible to watch broadcasts of its matches only on limited online services, as well as in some bookmakers that support video streams of sports games

What are our recommendations for cricket betting?

When tournaments stretch to 5 days, stamina is the main focus, not technique and tactics.
The national teams play is different at home and in the away games. It’s one thing when India travels to neighboring Pakistan, where the climate is similar. And another thing, if it has to travel to South Africa, the athletes will need time to adapt. Remember the teams’ fatigue, analyze the motivation of the opponents and the weather forecast.
Cricket is normally played by gambling novices who distort the line and odds. If you master the basics of the discipline, you will be able to find value and be in the black. Good luck!

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