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What is the history of cricket betting?

This will surprise some sports fans, but cricket is considered the second most popular sport on the planet after football. Also, this game is actively developing in Asia and Australia, many fans live in the UK and the USA.

What are the basic rules of cricket?

Each team has 11 players. The round-shaped platform does not have prescribed standard sizes, which often differ from each other. They are united by the “pitch”, the diameter of which is 20 meters. This is where the main events in this sports take place.
The teams alternately serve and receive balls. The defending side requires the presence of one serving bowler and ten players in the field. At the moment of attacking actions – two hitting “batsmen”, which are located opposite to each other along the “pitch” line.

What are crucial tips for cricket betting?

Among professional cappers, there are people who win money by betting on this sport. They differ from other bettors in that they always carefully prepare for each bet, analyzing every little detail. It is important to focus on four factors.

  1. Draw
    As with many sports, cricket is drawn by tossing a coin. The first team to carry out the attack gets an advantage in the form of playing on a fresh site with a new projectile. The ball, like a baseball, does not change even when minor deformations are detected.
  2. Climatic conditions
    It is the most weather-dependent sport of any other discipline. The duration of test fights, which are not played in rainy weather, directly depends on climatic conditions.
    In the event of impending rains, the drawing of lots becomes an even more important factor.
  3.  Location of the game
    On different fields, the pitch coverage may differ – long or short grass cover, or ordinary ground. Total bets often depend on the state of the cricket field. It is not uncommon when 300-400 points are scored in the first two or three innings, while in the fourth and subsequent innings the performance drops sharply by 2-2.5 times.
  4. Form of participating teams and their leaders
    Often, in long series, the home team after winning the first confrontation leaves no chances for the opponents in the following fights. The reason for this is the inconvenient coverage of the pitch and the courage of the opponent.

So how to bet on cricket?

There is no specific strategy for betting. Players test different tactics based on their own betting experience. There can be no definite answer as to which of them is the most profitable in cricket – opinions differ about catching up, a fixed percentage, or attempts to look for surebets. One thing is for sure – there is no win-win strategy.


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