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What are the types of cricket bets?

The are several main stake types:

  • A bet on the match result.
  • Total stake. Total in this sport is the number of runs for a certain period of the game (for the whole match, for 5.10 or 15 overs). Bookmakers offer to gamble on total and individual total (separately for each team).
  • Handicap bet. It is the same as in other sport disciplines, where the bookmaker determines the positive/negative handicap for the teams before the start of the match, and the bettor decides what suits him best.
  • First innings stake. This type of stake in cricket is especially popular in protracted matches, because the bettor does not need to wait for the end of the entire meeting, only for the innings, to find out the result of his stake, and you can make a bet on anything that is for the entire match.
  • Bet on match statistics. Taking into account the specifics of cricket, stakes on statistics in this type are popular, as there are many options. For example, you can gamble on the best result of the first partnership, on the number of run-outs, etc.
  • Bet on player statistics.

What major trends exist in cricket betting?

There are currently three types of game that affect cricket gambling:
test games, where the duration is determined by time, not overs, they can last 5-6 days;
one-day games last more than six hours, contain 40-50 overs;
T20 is a relatively short-lived form of play, consisting of two innings or 20 overs.
More than 70% of cricket stakes are made live, since it is crucial for the bettor to observe the condition of the players and the results of the initial draw. According to the results of the draw, one of the teams has the right to be a striker (puts two batsmen), which, due to statistical data, brings more chances of success. This is mainly due to the deterioration of the ball and the trampling of the pitch during the match. The fact is that the ball changes to a new one only after 80 overs, so it wears out and loses its properties.

Why is it profitable to bet on cricket?

This team sport is the second most popular after football in terms of the number of fans. It is profitable to gamble on this discipline because it offers good stakes and often valuable situations arise. Bookmakers keep a small margin because there are not many people willing to bet on cricket. The main recommendation for beginners is to watch more competitions. This game does not depend on the time of the year, at any time a match is taking place somewhere, which is very convenient for bettors.

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